Natural way of dental health™

Our novel technology is acting multi-functional and maintaining the oral health by natural sources.

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There are different tooth pastes existing in markets which attracts customers by different claims, but they have different harmful chemicals which affects our body. These affects are not immediate and can appear lately, such as slowly tearing outer covering of tooth, liver problems, kidney problems, cancer, dementia, neurological diseases and many more. Furthermore, there are different formations available for specific problems, such as some tooth paste are available for sensitive teeth only, some for tooth decay and periodontal diseases etc. Therefore, we need one formulation, that is “ALL IN ONE” for preventing all dental problems with health benefits. Finally, we have researched and surveyed by team of experts and concluded to bring in one formulation that “TREATS IT ALL”  which  means that one toothpaste solves all oral problems with different health benefits, introduced as “INCUDENT”